Untack and Groom

Untack and Groom

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We know you are busy and may not always have time to tack and untack your horse.

We can offer: 

Untack involves:

  • Removing all equipment on the horse
  • Putting tack away neatly in it's arranged place
  • Setting any items requiring washing at the washing machine area
  • Handing your horse over to you, ready to wash or groom

Additional services after untacking are:

Basic grooming involves:

  • Brushing the whole of the body in the direction of the hair growth to remove any sweat or dirt
  • Removing any marks made by the saddle or bridle using a wet brush if needed
  • Tidying the mane and tail with a brush.
  • Wiping out ears, eyes, nose and under tail with a warm damp cloth.

Water only wash:

  • Hose off entire horse removing any sweat and dirt
  • Scraping off
  • Wiping clean eyes and nose

Pamper wash (with or without Equisaage)

  • Wash with soap and water
  • Includes tail conditioning and dock massage

Duration 20-30 minutes

Cleaning of tack:

  • General wipe with a damp cloth and saddle soap to remove any dirt and sweat
  • Light wipe with leather cream
  • Clean bit

Washing of saddlecloths, bandages etc