Imperial Collection Curb Chain
Imperial Collection Curb Chain

Imperial Collection Curb Chain

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Available in Havana/Dark Brown, Black and Aus Nut.

Made from the very best English Leather that is then tanned in Italy. 

Pony, Cob and Full Sizes available.

Our all in one tailored leather curb chain with 3 rings each end, centre fly ring for lip strap to pass through.

A substitute to old style curb chains and covers.

This is quick and easy to put on and so easy to clean.

Ideal for horses and ponies that may be sensitive to the traditional metal double chain under their jaw.

For use with a Curb Bit, Pelham Bit, Kimblewick Bits etc.

A necessary part of the Weymouth/Double Bridle, the curb chain only acts by applying pressure below the jaw, when the curb bit is brought into play.

The Lip Strap and Curb Chain assist in keeping the curb bit in its correct position in the horses mouth.