Stirrup Covers (Pair)
Stirrup Covers (Pair)
Stirrup Covers (Pair)

Stirrup Covers (Pair)

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Stirrup Covers (Pair)

Our hand made Stirrup Iron Covers are sold as a pair and the exterior features a tough black vinyl.

Inside we have a black faux fur lining that will not scratch your irons and may even help polish them!

Each cover features a draw string with toggle to close up around the top of the stirrup, to ensure it does not slip down.

On the rear a lightweight clip has been placed so that they may be clipped together when stored.  Please be aware that these clips are lightweight!

At the base of the cover a gusset has been made to allow for the width of the stirrup (approximately 6cm wide)

These covers are waterproof so may be used whilst lunging.

The cover will protect your expensive saddle from scratching.


Width  15cm

Height 17cm

Base 6cm wide