Kids Private Lesson test

Kids Private Lesson test

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Riders are required to be a member of the Kings Park Equestrian Club.  Day memberships available.

Our coaching program is run in accordance with Equestrian Australia guidelines and principles.

Kids lessons focus on developing children’s confidence in moving with the horse, firstly in walk, then trot and as they progress, and trot and as they progress, in canter. This is done on a lunge line (like a big lead rope) where the kids can focus on themselves and the Coach has control of the steering and speed of the horse. During the first few lesson we teach the riders to steer left and right and stop and go. As confidence and communication skills improve the Coach removes the lunge line and the rider starts to ride independently of the coach.

We progress the lessons at the riders learning pace.

Our focus is to create a safe and positive learning environment for your child.

Once you have booked your lesson we will notify you of your time, please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your lesson.